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Sports Counseling

More Than Just Physical Success

Sports counseling involves services and interventions that can help athletes better meet the demands of their sports – beyond the physical requirements.

The primary emphasis in sports counseling is to address the psychological, emotional, and environmental factors that affect an athlete’s performance and sporting experience. It can help athletes with these skills:

  • Overcoming low self-esteem
  • Overcoming poor motivation
  • Improving performance
  • Coping with problems that affect sport enjoyment and/or performance (i.e. injuries, losing a starting position, family challenges, academic challenges, performance anxiety/stress)

Sports Counseling for Teams

Sports counseling can also be an effective service for sports teams. It can help teams to improve unity and cohesion and can help improve team performance. Environmentally, it can also help to enhance the experience of youth participants by working with parents and coaches who are disruptive and confrontational.

Our Sports Counseling Services

The Family Center offers these services:

  • Individual and team goal setting
  • Mental skills training
  • Team consultation and team building techniques
  • Individual psychotherapy and counseling

Whether you coach a youth sports team or your child participates on sports team, he or she can potentially benefit from sports counseling.

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