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Relationships Counseling

Treating Emotional Difficulties Through Relationships Counseling

The two primary determinants of our happiness are the satisfaction we derive from our work and the quality of our closest connections with others. Most emotional difficulties that we face are caused by or affect our closest relationships, whether marital, parent-child, or “other.”

Why Relationships Suffer

We have difficulty seeing ourselves as others see us and putting ourselves in the shoes of those to whom we wish to draw close. We also tend to ignore fundamental truths about how to sustain intimacy with other human beings (e.g., the destructive effects of criticism).

Because most of our learning about forming and maintaining relationships comes from “trial and error,” we tend to repeat rather than correct our mistakes.

Couples Therapy for Relationship Struggles

The presence of a knowledgeable, optimistic, experienced, and non-judgmental therapist can be of inestimable benefit to couples struggling to relate to one another and bridge past criticisms.

Consider the following excerpt from a book written by Dr. Gordon Livingston. “In the presence of one disposed to kindness, you will notice an absence of guile, an ability to listen, and a disinclination to compete. If you can reciprocate, you will experience a growing feeling of safety and trust. The need for self-protection drops away, as does the requirement to appear to be something other than you are. You are, at last, good enough. In fact, the image of yourself that you see reflected in your loved one’s eyes may be nearly perfect. You would like this moment to last forever. Imagine that.

Maybe you have been struggling in a difficult relationship for years. Or maybe you have had a great relationship that has just started to sour. Either way, you can benefit from relationship therapy to help mend not only your relationship, but also your emotions.

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