Providing mental health services for children, adolescents, and families.


Parent Support

Guidance for Parents

Our clinicians recognize that effective treatment of a child often requires involvement of the family system as a whole. We routinely provide support, education, skills training, and advocacy to parents and family members when working with children and adolescents.


Psycho-education is provided to assist parents in properly understanding the underlying causes of negative behaviors.

Behavior Management

Behavior management plans are collaboratively developed based on each family’s individual circumstances. The family’s unique needs are identified, and effective plans are developed, implemented, monitored, and modified until challenges are met.

Parent Support Through Empowerment Training

Parent Empowerment Training (PET) strengthens the parent-child relationship and introduces specialized parenting techniques to improve behavioral compliance through live parent coaching via a 2-way mirror and bug-in-ear device.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is available to assist in opening the lines of communication among family members, strengthening relationships, and improving the overall functioning of the family system.

Is your child in therapy? Does your child’s therapist educate you and guide you as your child receives treatment?

You deserve to be involved in your child’s therapy, because a family-oriented approach is crucial to your child’s success. Call us today at (410) 531-5087 to request a parent support consultation.