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Marital Counseling

Help for Struggling Couples

The most common problem marital problem is that one or both partners fail to feel heard.

Being heard goes beyond the overarching ability to communicate, or even just the ability to listen without interrupting. It is the ability to suspend your agenda and take in the other’s experience. That means understanding what they think; what they feel and why; and how the situation affects them.

How to Truly Value Your Spouse

When you can help another person feel heard, you communicate that you are truly invested in them and their experience. You are saying, “I value you.” When people feel heard, they feel cared about, respected, valued, and loved.

What happens when you or your partner doesn’t feel heard? Emotional distance occurs. Resentments are stored up, and anger builds. Even greater emotional distance is created until people feel lost and lonely in what is supposed to be their safest and most intimate relationship.

Moreover, the longer we go feeling unheard, the more likely it is that we will go to others to feel heard.

Solutions for Marital Problems

Does this sound like your relationship? Are you and your partner emotionally distant or resentful? If so, how will you solve your marital problems and repair your relationship?

At The Family Center, our decades of experience working with couples have shown that most of the time, people are more invested in feeling heard than in trying to hear one another. Over time, responsibilities such as work, children, bills, and homes take priority over partners.

Do you have trouble listening to and relating to your partner? If so, you could benefit from our marital counseling.

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