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Help for Learning and Psychological Problems

Assessment and Treatment of Learning and Psychological Problems

If you have been experiencing learning and psychological problems, the first step in treatment is accurate diagnosis.

Too often, interventions are implemented before identifying the factors that are impeding progress. Similarly, treatments often address secondary symptoms rather than the underlying etiology, which, again, results in a less-than-optimal response.

Some conditions can be diagnosed through a thorough intake process, including a background review and clinical interview. Other conditions require more intensive diagnostic assessment to clarify diagnosis and subsequent needs.

Many conditions that interfere with learning and social functioning require diagnostic testing.

Psychological Assessment

Conducting psychological assessment is an important step in securing appropriate treatment and services.

Our assessments comprise the following steps:

  • Clarifying diagnostic questions
  • Completing a thorough background review, including reviewing previous assessments and school records
  • Drafting an assessment plan that will answer the diagnostic questions
  • Gaining input from school staff
  • Conducting school observations when appropriate
  • Considering all aspects of an individual’s performance
  • Reviewing how quantitative and qualitative aspects of performance impact the overall presentation
  • Linking test performance and behaviors with social, behavioral and academic functioning and offering specifically aligned recommendations
  • Completing a comprehensive written report
  • Conducting a feedback session with parents and students
  • Communicating and collaborating with appropriate school personnel
  • Attending school meetings as needed
  • Offering follow-up treatment that may include academic coaching* and/or therapy

What is Academic Coaching?

*Academic Coaching is a highly individualized, outcome-oriented service. Coaches identify weaknesses that interfere with a person’s academic or occupational productivity, and then they develop goals accordingly. Coaches provide intensive support and personal strategies to help clients remediate or compensate for identified weaknesses.

Different from traditional tutoring, academic coaching helps individuals become more efficient through improved time management. Academic coaching also help clients develop organizational skills, plan for task completion, and engage in academic tasks, such as note taking, studying, and test taking.

Coaches also investigate clients’ learning beliefs and attitudes toward school or job. Such analysis is also incorporated into a combined therapeutic approach.

To help with academic coaching and psychological evaluation, The Family Center employs Psychology Associate and former school psychologist Anne Arena. Ms. Arena has extensive experience evaluating, diagnosing, and treating children and adults with numerous developmental and psychiatric disorders. In addition to her formal training as a school psychologist, she holds a postgraduate certificate in clinical neuropsychology.

Do you experience learning problems? Does your child struggle academically? If so, you and your family deserve help from The Family Center. Call us at (410) 531-5087 to request a learning and psychological problems consultation.