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Benefits of Family Therapy

A Safe, Therapeutic Environment

Struggling families deserve a a safe, secure, and therapeutic environment. Each family member should feel free to express his or her thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of criticism or judgment.

Establishing Trust Through Family Therapy

Establishing an atmosphere of trust breaks down these barriers. It allows each family member to share his or her deepest concerns and struggles.

Children and teenagers often resist therapy because they fear disapproval, disappointment, frustration, or anger from their parents.

Resistance is not only exhibited by young adults, however. Any or all family members can demonstrate resistance through many behaviors. These include defensiveness, arguing, anger, and blaming others. Some people experience shyness, confusion, and a lack of insight. Others show a general unwillingness to interact in the therapeutic process.

Family Therapy Results

Over time, family therapy sessions foster emotional security and closeness. This foundation establishes the ability and willingness for each member to communicate openly within one-on-one relationships and within the family as a whole.

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