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Cognitive Training and Neurofeedback Treatment

Cutting-edge Treatment for Children and Adults

To meet the growing need for non-pharmacological treatments for cognitive dysfunctions, we offer cognitive training and neurofeedback for individuals five years and older.

Cognitive training and neurofeedback require at least twenty hours of sessions completed during 3-4 months. For an effective approach to treatment, we incorporate cognitive training and neurofeedback into a comprehensive therapeutic approach designed to yield improved functioning and generalization of skills.

Our therapists collect and analyze data before and after treatment to determine if further effort is needed.

Cognitive Training Treatment

Cognitive training uses our best understanding of neuropsychological principles of learning to help improve various cognitive dysfunctions.

Clients start the cognitive training protocol in the office and then continue it at home. They use computer programs such as The Captain’s Log to perform various activities that train and develop cognitive skills.

Each computer-based activity is designed according to brain-based learning techniques to promote experiential learning. Each client receives a customized protocol designed to help him train and enhance specific cognitive skills, including these:

  • Attention processing speed
  • Memory problem-solving
  • Response control

Neurofeedback Treatment

Neurofeedback uses a computer-based program that enables clients to control the pattern and flow of their mental energy by providing an electronic mirror of their brain activity on a computer screen.

Skin sensors measure clients’ neuronal activity as they perform various activities. Clients receive visual and auditory feedback through full-featured customizable graphing that involves playing games or playing movies and music CDs.

The Combined Power of Cognitive Training and Neurofeedback

When used together, neurofeedback and cognitive training can provide maximum benefits to clients.

For many who have been told for years to “pay attention” or “stop doing that,” neurofeedback combined with cognitive training actually teaches them how. For example, Captain’s Log can be combined with SMARTMIND, another program, to help clients improve their cognitive skills.

When the treatments are used together, clients can learn to stay relaxed when faced with challenging cognitive exercises, which in turn improves self-control and regulatory skills.

The Family Center’s affiliate practice, Focal Points, specializes in neurofeedback and cognitive therapy for children and adults.

To request a neurofeedback or cognitive training consultation, call Focal Points today at (410) 531-5087.