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How to Cope with Death by Suicide in Howard County

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than one million people die by suicide each year. Unfortunately, Howard County, Maryland is no stranger to this global tragedy.

If you have lost a loved one to suicide in Ellicott City, Columbia, or elsewhere in Howard County, you deserve to know the steps you can take to help yourself go on.


3 Ways to Help Yourself Cope with Death by Suicide

There are many ways to cope with death by suicide. Consider taking these three actions to help yourself go on after experiencing the loss of a family member, friend, acquaintance, or other community member.

(1) Accept and express your emotions.

After a loved one dies by suicide, you may feel a mix of emotions in addition to grief. It’s common to feel angry, for example. Why did my loved one leave me all alone? A good way to release any anger and frustration you may feel is to talk about it, especially with close family members or friends who may be feeling the same way.

(2) Remain socially active.

While grieving the loss of a loved one who died by suicide, you may feel like withdrawing socially. But it’s important to maintain your existing relationships with friends, family members, and other supportive people, such as coaches, colleagues, and religious leaders. Continue your routine activities as much as possible, and do your best to stay in touch with the important people in your life.

(3) Try to forgive yourself.

When you learn that a loved one – or even an acquaintance – has died by suicide, you may experience overwhelming guilt. Was there anything you could have done to prevent it? Why didn’t you notice the warning signs? Unfortunately, you can’t reverse a loved one’s death by suicide. Do your best to forgive yourself, and always remember that the death was not your fault.

Everyone Copes with Death by Suicide Differently

You probably won’t cope with death by suicide in the same way as your parents, siblings, or friends – and that’s perfectly okay. Take the healing process at your own pace, and understand that you will experience both good days and bad days as you work hard to go on week after week.

Grief Counseling Could Help You Cope with Death by Suicide

Coping with death by suicide is something that many local residents have had to endure. But they haven’t had to endure it alone. Grief counselors in Ellicott City and Columbia have helped Howard County residents heal, both in individual and group settings.

Whether you have experienced the death of a close friend or loved one by suicide or you are grieving the loss of a community member who died by suicide, consider grief counseling as a way to cope with your sense of loss.

The Family Center Provides Grief Counseling in Howard County

The Family Center of Central Maryland offers counseling for grieving individuals and families, including those who are coping with death by suicide.

For more information about our specialized grief and loss services in Ellicott City, Columbia, and throughout Howard County, Maryland, call The Family Center today at (410) 531-5087.

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