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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018: CureStigma

Every year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), along with other organizations, come together to promote awareness on this growing concern.  In recent years, they’ve also chosen a specific focus to help people get more involved!  This year, the theme is “CureStigma.” Because the biggest problem isn’t the number of individuals being diagnosed with


Addressing Back-to-School Anxiety

  With only a month left of summer, the new school year seems closer than ever!  For many children (and parents), that also means back-to-school anxiety has returned to put a damper on August.  However, it doesn’t have to.  There are many ways to address and manage this stress; so today, we’ll discuss a few.


Too Much Screen Time?

  Thanks to the constant presence of electronics in this digital age, more and more parents are wondering:  How much is too much when it comes to screen time?  The amount of research showing a negative connection between happiness and digital media is growing rapidly.  Still, before you hide all the phones, TVs, computer, video


The Truth(s) about Depression

  Depression isn’t an easy topic to discussion—especially for the people who live with it every day. But when suicide strikes so publicly, as in the cases of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, it inevitably sparks a conversation.  What lead them to that decision?  Was it really a choice?  In order to even try to answer


Back to School Basics

It’s that time of year again – school has started or is starting soon. It’s a busy time for families that includes schedule changes, new activities, and usually some transitional stress. At The Family Center, we work with many families to help make a successful back to school transition. We’ve gathered together some of our