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Drugs & Music:  How to Discuss this Link with Your Teens

  Turn on the radio today and you’ll easily be able to find a song with some inappropriate content censored. While curse words and explicit sexual content are often muted, references to drug use may be allowed on air. Sometimes, they slide under the radar with seemingly innocent slang terms that they assume listeners won’t fully understand.


Coping with Addiction-Related Loss

  With a growing drug epidemic sweeping across the United States, more and more Americans are dealing with overdose-related grief and loss.  This is a problem that indiscriminately affects all demographics and geographical areas.  It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that the average life expectancy for our country has gone down for the first time


Marijuana Use Among Teens

Amid the relaxation of laws governing the use of marijuana, both medicinally and recreationally, public perception is also shifting.  For many people, this means a softening stance toward the once-feared gateway drug.  However, this lax attitude is trickling down to the youth of the nation with worrisome side effects.  Marijuana use among teens is growing