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What’s the “Bad Kid Myth?”

As a parent, have you ever labeled one of your child’s classmates as a “bad kid”? Often identified by their attention-seeking behavior, their lack of academic interest, and their few friendships “bad kids” have earned their own label – used by their teachers and their peers, too. The “bad kid myth” myth is just that


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Did you know that negative thoughts can lead to negative feelings which can then lead to negative actions? If this negative thinking is not interrupted it can lead to a person being caught in a vicious negative cycle where the negative thoughts, feelings and actions feed continued negativity and can lead to issues such as


Why is My Child So Angry? By Dr. Nicky Lankerani

One of the most common reasons parents seek a psychiatric evaluation is that their child is having “anger problems.” This can range from mild irritation and poor frustration tolerance, to screaming/yelling/crying, to full blown rage episodes involving destruction of property and physical aggression. Although most people associate excessive anger with bipolar disorder, anger can also